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Contact city council and share your support for food trucks.

Alderman Phone Email Twitter
Ald. Arena 773.286.4545 @JohnArena445
Ald. Burnett 312.432.1995 @AldermanBurnett
Ald. Cappleman 773.878.4646 @JamesCappleman
Ald. Cardenas 773.523.8250 @Ald12
Ald. Chandler 773.533.2400
Ald. Cochran 773.955.5610 @ALDERMANWBC
Ald. Fioretti 312.263.9273 @Fioretti2ndWard
Ald. Graham 773.261.4646
Ald. Mitts 773.745.2894 @EmmaMittsAld37
Ald. Moreno 773.278.0101 @Alderman_Moreno
Ald. O’Connor 773.594.8341 @OCONNORfor41
Ald. O’Shea 773.238.8766 @mattoshea19
Ald. Quinn 773.581.8000
Ald. Reboyas 773.794.3095 @Ald_Reboyras
Ald. Reilly 312.642.4242 @aldreilly
Ald. Sawyer 773.635.0006 @6thwardchicago
Ald. Silverstein 773.262.1050 @Debra4Alderman
Ald. Smith 773.348.9500 @AldermanSmith43
Ald. Sposato 773.836.0036 @AldermanSposato
Ald. Tunney 773.525.6034 @AldTomTunney
Ald. Waguespack 773.248.1330 @ward32chicago

Chicago’s food truck entrepreneurs are rallying support to change food truck regulations.

Food trucks and carts have exploded in recent years. Many cities—like Los Angeles and Austin—have embraced the street food craze. However, other cities have responded with protectionist and restrictive regulations. And Chicago has some of the most restrictive street food laws in the entire country.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s food truck ordinance allows food truck owners and operators to offer a wider variety of food by allowing us to prep and cook onboard, while also extending sales hours. However, the ordinance retains existing rules and introduces new restrictions. The increased fines and penalties, banning trucks within 200 feet of a restaurant, and the new requirement of GPS tracking devices make it impossible for us to thrive in a competitive market place. So while we are being offered some new benefits — what’s the cost?

The strict 200-foot rule, GPS tracking and harsh parking penalties have nothing to do with protecting the public. Consumers should have the choice to sit down at a restaurant or grab food from a food truck. The city shouldn’t make that decision for them.

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